As we step further into the Autumn months of 2018 and embrace the colder weather, adapting your wardrobe and your beauty routine can often be tricky. As seasons change, its often a good idea to mix up your skin care to keep your complexion looking the best it can be. As fashion trends change to the AW18 wardrobe, make-up looks often get overlooked (unless you’re a beauty blogger or work in the make-up industry). This season says goodbye to over the top, full faces and welcomes a barely-there look, embracing the natural and the minimal.



We say a mini hurrah (hurrah!) to the fact a speedier make-up trend is in the limelight, meaning we get a little bit longer in bed during the working week. This is also perfect for the back to school/work season as we ease ourselves back into a stricter morning routine, allowing ourselves some extra time to do more important things- like putting on the extra layers to prepare for the cold temperatures. 

We’ve narrowed down our favourite beauty products and a few techniques to nail this trend and give you the confidence to embrace your natural self, ditching the heavy foundation and over-drawn brows along the way.

 The prep-

For fresh, dewy skin, it all starts with the prep. Face masks, although an essential for a chilled night in, are often messy and inconvenient, particularly for the busy working woman. This is why we love sheet masks as their quick, no-fuss application means we can pop it on and feel the benefits without having to deal with washing it off (or finding bits of cream that got stuck in our hair line). The Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask containing pomegranate extract and hydrochloric acid gives your skin a quick mid-week boost. They may not look so hot on, but they certainly go above and beyond expectations for a face-mask (and at a price that doesn’t break the bank!). We love the fresh feeling, giving a little boost of confidence to begin the barely-there make-up trend.


The base-

Choosing a moisturiser can be overwhelming with the hundreds of different brands, not to mention figuring out what skin type you are. As it comes to winter, there is no better time to refresh your skin care routine as the harsh weather can leave your face feeling dry and damaged. In the Glossy Pops Manchester HQ, we asked the team for their favourite moisturisers so that you can make a judgement on which would be most appropriate for you, adapting to your skin type or budget…

  • Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Cream

  • Simple Hydrating Gel Cream

  • Nip and Fab Teen Skin Fix

  • Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturizer

  • Heaven Bee Venom Mask

Investing in a good primer is a great way to erase the appearance of pores and leave your skin feeling silky smooth. Instead of relying on your foundation to smooth out your skin, a primer is a friendlier way to prep your skin yet allowing it to breathe and avoid the ‘cakey’ look.  The Smashbox Photo Finish primer leaves your skin baby smooth (yasssss) giving the perfect base for your make-up and allowing an extra barrier to protect from the hash temperatures.


We suggest putting away the foundation brush for this look as the prep beforehand should even out skin tone. If this seems a little too scary for you, then simply add a touch of concealer to the blemished area or spots. But trust us- giving your skin a break from foundation will do it the world of good!

The brows-

The boy-brow isn’t exactly a new trend this season, but it is 100% the way to go for a natural yet stylish look. Using a ‘spoolie’ (those mascara wand look-alikes) are a fab tool to shape and groom eyebrows to give them a ‘fluffier’ appearance. Hairs have a natural tendency to lay flat but brushing them upwards with the tool will give them a boy-brow look. Using a pencil is also a good way to fill in any gaps. It is important to remember using small strokes to mimic the appearance of eye brow hairs rather than completely drawing the shape in one drawn motion. We recommend the Nars pencil in a light-ish shade, ensuring a less-harsh colour next to your skin tone.


The Glossier Boy-Brow is the perfect product to create the appearance of fuller brows, and the speedy application means it doesn’t take too much of your time either! Choose the correct tint and gently brush over your eyebrows, ensuring not to be too much of a perfectionist about the ‘neatness’- remember, the trend involves brows looking full and natural.

The eyes-


A small flick of mascara can go a long way- particularly to brighten your eyes and make it look like you haven’t just rolled out of bed for work (which we deffo did). Benefit is an amazing brand for giving length and definition to your lashes, without that thick, clumpy appearance. Our fav is the ‘They’re real’ product- it’s worth a try! Keep everything else bare or a sweep of nude, matte shadow over the lid to keep things simple. 

The lips-

Keeping lips moisturized is so important in the cold months to avoid them getting chapped or splitting. What better way to make the most of your Glossy Pop as the smooth, moisturizing balm keeps them protected all day long. Choose your flavor to keep things sweet and enjoy the easy application without having to rummage through your bag to find a Vaseline tin (and then having to use your finger to apply- not ideal).

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